My Son

by Matthew Jensen

My son Chase will ask, “Dad?”
I’ll reply, “Did you call me Dan?”
He laughs then asks louder, “Daddy?”
I reply, “Yes? Wait a minute Frank, did you just call me Danny?”

He laughs again, every single time,
Even the gazillionth time I’ve said it,
And though it’s routine, it’s just one of our “things”,
And neither he, nor I’ll ever forget it.

It is often said that kids grow up so fast,
But I’m afraid I agree to disagree,
It may be true for some,
But hasn’t been that way for me.

I heard it so much before my kids were born,
That I made a solemn decision,
I WILL be present in my children’s lives,
THAT will be my greatest mission.

To listen, learn, teach, and be taught,
You usually can’t tell me nothing,
But my kids have taught me a lot, truly,
But mostly just about one thing.

I thought I knew love, I mean REALLY knew it well,
Before I had my children,
Alas, I knew some, but not what I thought,
Now I know that much times a padrillion.

Today my son turns seven,
And I’m more proud today than ever,
He’s got it all already:
He’s funny, handsome, clever…

My mind is full of memories,
Something from every day,
Something from every minute,
Every second, so I’m proud to say.

My son, you’ve grown up perfectly,
Not too fast or slow,
You’re more fascinating than I could have ever imagined,
You’ve taken just the right time to grow.

My son…

It’s your laughter that fills my soul,
Your hugs that charge my spirit,
Your smile that warms my heart,
Your “I love you dad” that soothes when I hear it.

I may look down to you physically,
But I look up to you in every other way,
You make me feel like I’m the dad I decided to be,
Seven years ago on this day.

Happy Seventh Birthday My Son

Love Always, Daddy


March 7, 2016

Cali’s 4th Birthday Recap

For anyone who may be interested, here are all the cool things that happened over the course of Cali’s 4th birthday.

First, mom paid tribute with this the night before Cali’s birthday:

Tonight is the very last night my daughter will be 3. Around this time of the evening 4 years ago I stirred with contractions. As I slipped into a bath trying not to wake my husband, I knew she was coming. My husband did wake at 4 am when I could no longer go it alone. He held me on the couch for what seemed like hours as we breathed rhythmically, together. It felt like magic. My son Chase awoke around 6am and came downstairs. He is generally such a high energy creature, but he knew. He slowed himself and watched me. His sister was coming. One of my nearest and dearest friends came as soon as she heard and rubbed my back as my water broke. I felt so loved, so open, and empowered. The birth of my daughter truly reminded me of my body’s capacity and ability. That day she showed me my true power as a woman. The power of bringing forth new life in a natural and raw way. Everyone we love celebrated her birth. Now we get to do it again, and every year after. Not everyone we love will be able to be there in person but I know you”ll be in spirit. Happy Birthday to my sweet darling Cali. My little Goddess who is kind and wise. My little princess filled with love, passion, and spirit. I love you!!!!!

Here’s what some people had to say about it:


Second, dad paid tribute with this the morning of Cali’s birthday:

4 years ago on this day, 4 am I awoke. 4 years later, today, 4 am I awoke once again. Both times thinking about this little lady. Then, wondering what she would be like. Now, knowing she is unlike anyone I have ever known.

Yes, today we celebrate the blessing that is Cali, thanks to whom, we know the true definition of a “bundle of joy”. 4 years, 4 thousand miles and 4 million smiles later, this chocolate-loving, finger-hurting, dancing, singing, hilarious, smart, happy, beautiful little actress never ceases to warm our hearts every single day of her life. As parents, it is truly – and I mean TRULY – an honour to have such a sweet, wonderful and lovely little angel princess in our lives and in our hearts. With absolute, undying love, this is “Last Year in One Minute”, a brief showcase of the many faces of our most special baby girl. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. (Photos Only)

Here’s what some people had to say about that:


Mom re-shared it too and here is what some other people had to say:


Third, this happened shortly after Cali woke up on her birthday:

This was the card:

Office Lens 20151119-095242 (2)

Then, she got a video call from Grandma and Grandpa and got to go shopping with the $50 they sent and in the following video you get to see what she got:

She also got a call from her Fairy Godmother Auntie Susan and her babes AND got to open a card from Great Great Grandma June. We got video, but it was too hard to edit for privacy. 😛

Then, of course, there was the party!

Which included a photo shoot:

And what kind of party would it be if it didn’t all end with a dance featuring the Cali’s Birthday Solid Gold Dancers:

Here are the best photos from the big day:

NOTE: Cali loves doing this thing we call, “smiling, smiling, smiling, serious” so if some of the photos below look a little serious…just know…it was by design. 🙂

What a party!

Dining Drumming Dinosaurs (and Aliens)

Yesterday, following an early morning meeting, the kids and I were treated to a sushi breakfast with one of the finest gentlemen I have come to know – and admire – over the last several months, Mr. Stephen Cipes of Summerhill Pyramid Winery here in Kelowna. Following a very fun, love and laughter-filled dining experience where the kids learned such new skills as sliding an ice cube or sliding a soya sauce bottle across the table, as well as how to use chopsticks for drumming or using chopsticks to turn yourself into an alien or a dinosaur, Chase asked Stephen if he could have his picture taken with him. Of course he obliged, but on reviewing the photos I find myself having difficulty differentiating adult and child. This probably explains why the kids are still talking about Mr. Cipes today. 🙂

Thank you for a very memorable experience Stephen, regardless of whether I am eventually the one cited as having taught the kids their new dinner table skills. 😉

A Fun Way to Get a New Homeschooling Tool

After 5 years, two drops, a broken screen and a long-since ended support life cycle, it was time to upgrade Master Jensen from his Motorola Xoom to a new Acer Iconia 7, complete with a new case for it.

Rather than just give it to him, however, we decided to make it a treasure hunt. The hunt started with a printed clue and it was Chase’s responsibility to read the whole thing, and each subsequent clue it led to himself. He did it! He couldn’t be happier with his new tablet.


Physical Activity
30 minutes
– bike ride
– jumping jacks
– leapfrog
– crawling
– pushups
– situps
– arm and leg windmills
– stretches

15 minutes
Using a pull-and-release, propelled truck toy and a ring on the carpet, we explored several concepts:
– speed
– momentum
– resistance
– aim
– obstacles
– sharing (as this was done with his younger sister)

Spelling and Reading
(x) minutes
building sentences: the guide says the words and it is Chase’s responsibility to find those words and build the sentence
– identifying letters, words, phrases and sentences spoken


Another year, another birthday and for the last few special “events” in my dad’s life, I’ve had this idea that it would be really fun to sing “Hallelujah”, one of my his favourite songs! And I am NOT a singer. Not. At. All! That is not the intent here, believe me! I was hoping to do it with a little help from my kids and my wife. Unfortunately my wife couldn’t squeeze this one into her schedule, which is really too bad because I’ve heard her sing it and she nails it! Nonetheless, the kids and I put it together and although I couldn’t be happier with the end result, I was very surprised by how much simply singing it impacted me. Having thoughts of my dad in my head and wanting to do the best job of it that I could – for him – I was suddenly overflowing with emotions.

I hope that anyone who sees it, enjoys it, but mostly, I hope my dad does.

Happy Birthday Old Man. I love you.