Happy Anniversary to My Wife

Honey, listen. We all know I can’t sing very well, but someone once told me that you have to be willing to make a fool of yourself. I always wondered what the reason was behind that advice or in what context it was intended (it probably wasn’t this context I’m guessing). I also always felt I was the willing type. Unfortunately, what I lacked was even one way to do it! But then, six years ago today, I met you and then we had kids and now it seems I have no shortage of ways that I routinely make a fool of myself (sometimes even intentionally)!

In that spirit I decided to do something I WISH I could do without making a fool of myself – to further express my truly profound love for you and to illustrate my willingness to go above and beyond for you, for us, for our family. I am aware of my limited abilities in the singing department, so you’ll have to try to get past that if you can. Happy Anniversary!

To My Wife With Love …

Perhaps I should have memorized the words first, maybe even practiced a time or two before diving in. I’m certain I should have at least known how to sing even a tiny bit and I definitely shouldn’t have done this after recently losing my voice. But there is love above love and it’s ours and I love you too much … so I did it anyway.

I have always wanted to serenade you so when this song came along and moved me so deeply that I choked up hearing it I thought it would be the perfect song to sing to you today, on our anniversary. I did have a little difficulty getting through it the first few times I recorded it, but after two or three takes I was able to sing it all the way through without getting emotional. It’s not perfect, but it isn’t meant to be. You, however, are and I am so grateful for the six years we have been together, the intense growth into perfect love that we have experienced and I look forward to many more years to come.

Happy Anniversary My Love

I Love You Too Much
Written by Paul Williams and Gustavo Santaolalla
Music by Gustavo Santaolalla
Performed by Diego Luna
Additional Vocal Overlay by Matthew Jensen