“Battlin’ Dad” (a poem for my dad on Fathers Day)

A great man once said, “I Love You, Son” and it meant the world to me. From that day forth, the day of my birth, that love has only grown, never wavered and that simple statement was motivation enough to set foot in the world and attempt to become as good to my children as my parents were to me.

I never liked calling mine Dada or Papa
Never took a shining to calling mine father
I never took part in the “daddy” fad
To me it’s just always been dad.

My dad, my friend,
my guide through life’s battles…
From the very first one:
“The Great War with the Rattle”!

To the one to climb the corporate ladder
and back down …
Every battle great or small
in every city and town.

A warrior,
fighting his own battles in this world…
But never too busy fighting
to stop and help his little boy…
A legend, you might say,
and so on this day…
I’m thinking about my dad,
my pride, my joy…

You’re not my old man, not my pops,
You’re my dad…
I love you more than anything
& I’m proud to be your lad.

Happy Fathers Day Dad

I Love You

Love Always

Matthew xoxo