Cali’s Doll

The other day Cali was playing with a doll and I asked her, “what is your doll’s name?” She replied, “Deanna”, which itself was weird because people often say Deanna instead of Dianna when referring to my wife, Cali’s mom, Dianna. Bear in mind that when you ask Cali what mommy’s name is, her only reply is “Mom” because, let’s face it, she is only 2.

Later, or the next day, I don’t recall which, Cali was playing with another doll and I asked her, “what is that doll’s name?” This time she replied, I swear, “Rhymeham”. My wife and I looked at each other astonished. Why? Because Dianna’s maiden name is Ringham…AND…I was a rapper, or “rhymer” and we have a longstanding tradition / humorous anecdote regarding ham! So we turned to each other and just laughed uncontrollably. Dianna Ringham. Deanna Rhymeham. What are the chances?