Dining Drumming Dinosaurs (and Aliens)

Yesterday, following an early morning meeting, the kids and I were treated to a sushi breakfast with one of the finest gentlemen I have come to know – and admire – over the last several months, Mr. Stephen Cipes of Summerhill Pyramid Winery here in Kelowna. Following a very fun, love and laughter-filled dining experience where the kids learned such new skills as sliding an ice cube or sliding a soya sauce bottle across the table, as well as how to use chopsticks for drumming or using chopsticks to turn yourself into an alien or a dinosaur, Chase asked Stephen if he could have his picture taken with him. Of course he obliged, but on reviewing the photos I find myself having difficulty differentiating adult and child. This probably explains why the kids are still talking about Mr. Cipes today. 🙂

Thank you for a very memorable experience Stephen, regardless of whether I am eventually the one cited as having taught the kids their new dinner table skills. 😉