Double Feature: Chase’s Big Purchase + Very Interpretive Dance

Chase’s Big Purchase

Chase has been doing odd chores (many times without even being asked), being overly helpful and helping with the weekly chores, among other things for several weeks. He even did some chores at a friends place and made $2 there! His goal was to save $50 so that he could buy the Xbox 360 game “Lego Marvel Superheros” himself. He WANTED it much sooner, of course, in fact, he has wanted it for almost two months, but we didn’t see it as a necessity, so, when he suggested seeing if he had enough in his piggy banks, realizing that he didn’t have enough, the plan was hatched and several weeks later, between the money he earned, the money he already had and the sudden sale price of $30 for the game, he had enough! This video recaps the adventure, just set to music.

Very Interpretive Dance

Lately, whenever Cali hears anything even remotely resembling a beat, she breaks into dance and today was no exception. She has moves for days! And HER dancing inspired Chase to dance and THEN they danced TOGETHER! We call that an ensuing of epicness, and again, this is just set to music. Enjoy!

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Until next time…