Judiadia the Lion (Chase’s First Story)

by Chase Jensen

Once upon a time there was a lion named Judiadia. He was a green Lion! He loved flowers, the zoo, going on adventures and eating bugs! He also really liked ladybugs, scorpions and bees. He actually loved eating bees. Sometimes he gets stung by them but when bees sting him in his belly he doesn’t call anyone for help because it doesn’t hurt.

Judiadia loved seeing every animal in the zoo, especially dinosaurs! He REALLY loved dinosaurs!

One day, he was walking around doing everything that he wanted when all of a sudden there was a big bad guy. So Judiadia jumped out of the forest and ran back to his house as quick as he could.

When he got home he played with marbles, he played with scorpions, he played with everything that he wanted.

He spent the rest of the day kissing and hugging everybody that he loved until he had to go to bed.

The next day, Judiadia did one of his favorite things … he played hide and seek!

The end.