My Son

by Matthew Jensen

My son Chase will ask, “Dad?”
I’ll reply, “Did you call me Dan?”
He laughs then asks louder, “Daddy?”
I reply, “Yes? Wait a minute Frank, did you just call me Danny?”

He laughs again, every single time,
Even the gazillionth time I’ve said it,
And though it’s routine, it’s just one of our “things”,
And neither he, nor I’ll ever forget it.

It is often said that kids grow up so fast,
But I’m afraid I agree to disagree,
It may be true for some,
But hasn’t been that way for me.

I heard it so much before my kids were born,
That I made a solemn decision,
I WILL be present in my children’s lives,
THAT will be my greatest mission.

To listen, learn, teach, and be taught,
You usually can’t tell me nothing,
But my kids have taught me a lot, truly,
But mostly just about one thing.

I thought I knew love, I mean REALLY knew it well,
Before I had my children,
Alas, I knew some, but not what I thought,
Now I know that much times a padrillion.

Today my son turns seven,
And I’m more proud today than ever,
He’s got it all already:
He’s funny, handsome, clever…

My mind is full of memories,
Something from every day,
Something from every minute,
Every second, so I’m proud to say.

My son, you’ve grown up perfectly,
Not too fast or slow,
You’re more fascinating than I could have ever imagined,
You’ve taken just the right time to grow.

My son…

It’s your laughter that fills my soul,
Your hugs that charge my spirit,
Your smile that warms my heart,
Your “I love you dad” that soothes when I hear it.

I may look down to you physically,
But I look up to you in every other way,
You make me feel like I’m the dad I decided to be,
Seven years ago on this day.

Happy Seventh Birthday My Son

Love Always, Daddy


March 7, 2016