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A Fun Way to Get a New Homeschooling Tool

After 5 years, two drops, a broken screen and a long-since ended support life cycle, it was time to upgrade Master Jensen from his Motorola Xoom to a new Acer Iconia 7, complete with a new case for it.

Rather than just give it to him, however, we decided to make it a treasure hunt. The hunt started with a printed clue and it was Chase’s responsibility to read the whole thing, and each subsequent clue it led to himself. He did it! He couldn’t be happier with his new tablet.


Physical Activity
30 minutes
– bike ride
– jumping jacks
– leapfrog
– crawling
– pushups
– situps
– arm and leg windmills
– stretches

15 minutes
Using a pull-and-release, propelled truck toy and a ring on the carpet, we explored several concepts:
– speed
– momentum
– resistance
– aim
– obstacles
– sharing (as this was done with his younger sister)

Spelling and Reading
(x) minutes
building sentences: the guide says the words and it is Chase’s responsibility to find those words and build the sentence
– identifying letters, words, phrases and sentences spoken