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Another year, another birthday and for the last few special “events” in my dad’s life, I’ve had this idea that it would be really fun to sing “Hallelujah”, one of my his favourite songs! And I am NOT a singer. Not. At. All! That is not the intent here, believe me! I was hoping to do it with a little help from my kids and my wife. Unfortunately my wife couldn’t squeeze this one into her schedule, which is really too bad because I’ve heard her sing it and she nails it! Nonetheless, the kids and I put it together and although I couldn’t be happier with the end result, I was very surprised by how much simply singing it impacted me. Having thoughts of my dad in my head and wanting to do the best job of it that I could – for him – I was suddenly overflowing with emotions.

I hope that anyone who sees it, enjoys it, but mostly, I hope my dad does.

Happy Birthday Old Man. I love you.

DIY Kids Craft: Epic Dancing Penguins

Looking for the perfect craft, sure to take the better part of an evening to complete? Look no further. These adorable dancing penguins are sure to light up the dancefloor and your child’s imagination in ways you might have thought and even wished not possible! So grab your last 24-pack’s worth of empty toilet paper rolls (in our case, about a week’s worth), some glue, scissors, paper, a sharpie, some pipe cleaner and one of those poster board things, add in a couple of white fluffy blankets and some imagination and music and get ready…because you’re about to get into this for the long haul.

Happy Anniversary to My Wife

Honey, listen. We all know I can’t sing very well, but someone once told me that you have to be willing to make a fool of yourself. I always wondered what the reason was behind that advice or in what context it was intended (it probably wasn’t this context I’m guessing). I also always felt I was the willing type. Unfortunately, what I lacked was even one way to do it! But then, six years ago today, I met you and then we had kids and now it seems I have no shortage of ways that I routinely make a fool of myself (sometimes even intentionally)!

In that spirit I decided to do something I WISH I could do without making a fool of myself – to further express my truly profound love for you and to illustrate my willingness to go above and beyond for you, for us, for our family. I am aware of my limited abilities in the singing department, so you’ll have to try to get past that if you can. Happy Anniversary!

To My Wife With Love …

Perhaps I should have memorized the words first, maybe even practiced a time or two before diving in. I’m certain I should have at least known how to sing even a tiny bit and I definitely shouldn’t have done this after recently losing my voice. But there is love above love and it’s ours and I love you too much … so I did it anyway.

I have always wanted to serenade you so when this song came along and moved me so deeply that I choked up hearing it I thought it would be the perfect song to sing to you today, on our anniversary. I did have a little difficulty getting through it the first few times I recorded it, but after two or three takes I was able to sing it all the way through without getting emotional. It’s not perfect, but it isn’t meant to be. You, however, are and I am so grateful for the six years we have been together, the intense growth into perfect love that we have experienced and I look forward to many more years to come.

Happy Anniversary My Love

I Love You Too Much
Written by Paul Williams and Gustavo Santaolalla
Music by Gustavo Santaolalla
Performed by Diego Luna
Additional Vocal Overlay by Matthew Jensen

Cali’s Doll

The other day Cali was playing with a doll and I asked her, “what is your doll’s name?” She replied, “Deanna”, which itself was weird because people often say Deanna instead of Dianna when referring to my wife, Cali’s mom, Dianna. Bear in mind that when you ask Cali what mommy’s name is, her only reply is “Mom” because, let’s face it, she is only 2.

Later, or the next day, I don’t recall which, Cali was playing with another doll and I asked her, “what is that doll’s name?” This time she replied, I swear, “Rhymeham”. My wife and I looked at each other astonished. Why? Because Dianna’s maiden name is Ringham…AND…I was a rapper, or “rhymer” and we have a longstanding tradition / humorous anecdote regarding ham! So we turned to each other and just laughed uncontrollably. Dianna Ringham. Deanna Rhymeham. What are the chances?

Going Away Get Together Photos

Well, we didn’t really get a lot of pictures and some of them are just brutal on account of the low light conditions, but it was so incredible to see so many great friends turn out for our little going away get together, it seems right to share regardless. Thank you all for coming!






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