DIY Kids Craft: Epic Dancing Penguins

Looking for the perfect craft, sure to take the better part of an evening to complete? Look no further. These adorable dancing penguins are sure to light up the dancefloor and your child’s imagination in ways you might have thought and even wished not possible! So grab your last 24-pack’s worth of empty toilet paper rolls (in our case, about a week’s worth), some glue, scissors, paper, a sharpie, some pipe cleaner and one of those poster board things, add in a couple of white fluffy blankets and some imagination and music and get ready…because you’re about to get into this for the long haul.

Our 5-Year Old Was Given a Camera For a Year…

…and you won’t believe some of the shots he got! Watch the video below to see a year’s worth of photos and videos condensed into just a few minutes.

In the midst of the chaotic and seemingly insurmountable work load I’ve had over the last few weeks, as I was nearing the final turn, Chase came to me with his camera that his grandma had given him almost exactly one year ago. The memory card was finally full. I was just going to download the card and move on, but when I saw the shots and saw what mattered to him, I darn near cried – it was so beautiful, so I had to stop what I was doing and edit it into a keepsake. This, friends, is a condensed montage of what a 5-year-old boy CHOOSES to photograph when the decision on every shot is left entirely up to him.

Dead Seahorse

Out of the blue and without provocation in any way, last night, Cali just suddenly said the following exactly:

"When I was a baby I grabbed a dead seahorse for you. It was on the shelf in my kitchen. A dead seahorse for an old woman. What? What are you doing here?"

Ok! Well then. That was a little awkward! lol